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Independent, Public Interests

For the People, By the People!

SA VAERS is an independent, public interest vaccine adverse effects reporting system for South Africa. It is a project of Transformative Health Justice (THJ), a health advocacy NPO. Transformative Health Justice focuses on safe, effective, affordable, transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable health care. Through our work in health on the ground and online, and while advocating through our SAHARI project for corona virus treatments that work (such as Ivermectin), THJ became aware that people in South Africa (and internationally) are affected negatively by the C19 jabs, and by censorship thereof.

During this ‘pandemic’, pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with the World Health Organization, fast-tracked vaccines aimed at minimizing the effect against the COVID-19 virus. Standard practice for the development and testing of vaccines often takes years, even decades. In order to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine, governments accelerated the process at the expense of long-term safety monitoring. Therefore, numerous side effects are surfacing from this new vaccine. Also, while claims of up to 95% efficacy have been advertised, recent data shows that these injections are also not effective.

Our Vision & Mission

We launched SA VAERS to help give victims a voice, enhance data transparency, and strengthen accountability and compensation. The purpose of SA VAERS is to provide those who have received any vaccination a safe place to report negative side-effects. SA VAERS acts independently from all government, pharmaceutical, or lobbying groups. We represent those who have already received or those who are considering taking a vaccination. By May 2024, we collected adverse effect reports from almost 1500 people, sharing more than 10 000 adverse effects, both physical and emotional/cognitive/psychological.

While our mission is to ensure that people are able to make informed decisions through understanding the full impact of the C19 injections, our vision is that people will continue to make informed decisions about their health and not be confused, manipulated, or bullied into making health care decisions.


  • Monthly Key Stats
  • A Public Data Spreadsheet
  • A Symptom List With Statistics
  • Quantitative Data Posters and Videos
  • Qualitative Experience Posters and Videos
  • Content Highlighting Trends and Patterns
  • Content From Doctors and Allied Health Workers
  • Interviews With Victims, Families and Doctors

Advisors & Advocates

SA VAERS is supported by ethical and skilled advisors and advocates in South Africa and internationally.


We are able to present data and victim experiences to your organisation.

SA VAERS is invited to share presentations on our work, including:

Future Plans

With Your Help, SA VAERS will be able to:

  • Campaign and reach more people to
  • Help them share C19 shot experiences
  • Support them thorough stress and trauma
  • Connect them with doctors and lawyers
  • Assist them with compensation claims
  • Assist medical professionals to report
  • Do more local and global presentations
  • Advocate for government to protect people
  • Advocate against Big Pharma corruption
  • Translate website and education material
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