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Why Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals are speaking out about C19 Jabs?

Peer reviewed medical papers for Adverse Events in Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’ Recipients.

SA VAERS Conference

SA VAERS conference brings together C19 shot victims, medico-legal experts and data in an inspiring conference event.


In an effort to help people with C19 injection injuries SA VAERS has created two sets of ‘awareness cards’ – one for printing (which can be distributed in wallet size cut-outs) and one for sharing digitally via social media platforms.

These cards let anyone whom you may encounter in public – doctors, teachers, drivers, servers, law enforcement officials, including family members and friends, etc. – know that if they or someone they know had or has negative effects, or died after taking the C19 shot, their lives matter.



As a non-medical member of the public, I am in absolute awe of all today’s speakers and all the medical & other professionals who have stood in integrity through this. RESPECT & GRATITUDE


Molweni to everyone this today. Thanks for your hard work it is about time that the people of Africa South stand up hold hands and fight this here biological war being waged against humanity. AMANDLA!

Dr Ellapen Rapiti

Thank you for setting up an outstanding and gripping historic conference. You are amazing!!! Well done.

Hugon Tumber

I was told because I am diabetic then I’m the right one to get the vaccine because I’m at high risk of getting Covid. I honestly wish I knew all this information before getting the vaccine. Thank you for such a detailed, informative conference. Thank you to the host Shabnam, to all the doctors on the panel, warrior survivors  and condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one. Lets fight for justice. * Victoria: Thank you all for keeping me sane. I am not alone.

Big Pharma

Learn more about Big Pharma rigging the system.

With their long, sordid history, pharmaceutical companies incentivize doctors to prescribe their products through financial rewards. Thanks to their astronomical profit margins, the pharmaceuticals and health products industry is able to spend more on lobbying than any other industry in America.


Report Negative Jab Effects

Medical Professional Support

Pfizer's Data on Adverse Events


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