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Report Negative Jab Effects

Why should I give a report to SA VAERS?

Reporting adverse events to SA VAERS, will help Transformative Health Justice in our commitment to providing honest statistics to the public, free from political or pharmaceutical agenda. Your report will also help with public awareness, transparency and accountability. If there is a risk, there must be a choice. Informed consent is your right in the law.

What is an Adverse Effect?

An adverse effect is classified as an unexpected health event experienced after a vaccination. These are not limited to physical effects. Mental or cognitive effects can also be reported.

Your Adverse Event Report

It Counts!

Every report counts and is important. If you are in doubt about reporting a potential or suspected vaccine related issue, the advice is to please report it. Adverse events reports can help prevent future harm to other people.


When you submit a report, you will be allocated a unique reference number. Your report will go onto our database after a quality check, so sometimes we may need to get in touch with you for more information.


All reports go onto our specialised database that allows us to analyse the reports rapidly to make them available to detect new safety issues. Every report therefore could be a potential safety issue or ‘signal’.


Potential signals are evaluated and triaged to identify previously unidentified potential hazards, and new information is included on recognised effects or safety issues.  Your adverse events report will also be considered in the context of all other reports received from patients or healthcare professionals.


Alongside your report, we also evaluate additional safety information available from other sources such as world-wide medical literature, data from other regulatory agencies and world-wide databases, as well as the science behind the product, known information about the product and emerging information.

SA VAERS May use your report to:


Highlight the report as a possible safety issue and keep a close watch on the safety of the product by monitoring similar reports.


Understand the patient’s perspective of the effect, fault or complication, to better understand the impact on the people who use the C19 injection product.


Request additional information from you so SA VAERS medical doctors, scientists and specialists can better understand the suspected potential safety issue.


Raise awareness about aspects of reports through quantitative or qualitative campaigns.


Conduct analysis of similar SA VAERS reports to identify potential new safety signals.


Reporting the adverse event to SAHPRA and/or the Department of Health.


Provide data to persons, groups or organisations that want to institute legal action for example – PAIA applications or court applications regarding the C19 injections.


Report Negative Jab Effects

Medical Professional Support

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